Family Friendly Atmosphere

Chung's Academy is a place where friends and family come to grow together in body, mind, and spirit!

At Chung's, we pride ourselves on creating time and space for families to come together to enjoy fun activities! Festivals, summer camp, picnics, movie nights, and holiday parties are just a few of the things we do all year long!


summer camp

Summer is the time for fun at Chung's! All our young ones look forward to Summer Camp where our instructors plan a week filled with fun activities and opportunities to learn new games, new martial arts forms, and most importantly, new friends! Invite your family and friends...NO MEMBERSHIP REQUIRED TO ATTEND!


overseas tours

Over the years, the Chung's family of students have participated in a number of visits to Grand Master Chung's home country of Korea. Our recent tour included a trip to China. Past trips are always a topic of discussion and our students look forward to the next big Chung's Adventure!


holiday parties

Year after year, Chung's students gather together to celebrate the holidays with food, fun, and family.  Whether it's our annual Halloween party where students celebrate the season in a safe, kid-friendly space or our annual Christmas potluck, Chung's offers families a great place to come and relax with friends!