How much do classes cost?

Much of what you pay depends on several factors. We offer several programs depending on your level of comfort and commitment, the number of family members involved, and the frequency of your participation. Overall, costs can range from $30 per month to $100 per month for each person. Additional discounts may apply for additional family members. Come in, check ou the class and talk to Master Chung in person. Try it out for an entire month before you sign up for anything! That’s a deal you can’t beat!

Which style of martial arts is best?

This question is a lot like asking, “which is the better tool: a hammer or a saw?” The answer really depends on what it is going to be used for. Another reason we offer the one month free trial program is so that you can get a hands on feel for the class to make sure you have picked the program which will fit your individual and family needs.

How long does it take to get a Black Belt?

Between 2 and 4 years typically. However, somewhere along your journey, you will realize that the Black Belt isn’t really your destination, just another point along your path and that it is the journey itself which is important. Receiving your Black Belt means that you are at the beginning of another phase of learning, not at the end of it all. The feeling of accomplishment you feel upon receiving your Black Belt is hard to match, however, and students who have attained this rank stand out among their peers in both class, and in the world outside.

Do I have to compete in tournaments?

Our academy offers lots of opportunities for students to develop their skills in controlled environments, including competitions. These are not mandatory, however; and you will never be forced to do more than your personal comfort level allows. We will support and encourage everyone according to their own personal sets of goals and capabilities.

Can I use my old karate uniform?

No. you can’t. Chung’s Academy classes offer specialized techniques which work better in certain types of apparel. The Judo uniform has a reinforced lapel, for example, which is designed to hold up to the constant grabbing, tugging, and throwing. Come in and talk to Grand Master Chung and he can fit you with a uniform which is perfect for you.

Can I use my old karate rank?

No, not really. But, you don’t necessarily have to start over at the beginning of the belt system either. Our techniques are different from many instances, and more likely the set of “forms,” or “kata,” or “poomse” that we teach are also different. Being brought up to speed everywhere mandates a regular belt progression based on your skills and knowledge in our style. But, your experience will count, and if you can demonstrate your proficiency, then there are opportunities to begin at higher levels than those with no prior experience.